Are Drugs an Open Secret in Showbiz? The Controversies Haunting Rhea Chakraborty & Ragini Dwivedi


Are Drugs an Open Secret in Showbiz? The Controversies Haunting Rhea Chakraborty & Ragini Dwivedi

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has been busy in the past few weeks, and the Hindi and Kannada film industries are feeling the heat. Not only is the NCB probing the connection between the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput and use of drugs, but NCB raids conducted in August in Bengaluru have led to the Karnataka state government ordering its Central Crime Branch (CCB) to investigate the link between the drug suppliers raided by the NCB and the stars of Sandalwood.

The NCB conducted early morning raids in Mumbai at the homes of Rhea Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda, Rajput’s house manager. Following the 6:30 am raids, Chakraborty’s brother Showik and Miranda were both summoned to the NCB office in Mumbai for further questioning.

While the NCB was conducting raids in Mumbai, the CCB in Bengaluru were carrying out raids of their own at the residence of Sandalwood actress Ragini Dwivedi, known to be associated with a man named Ravi Shankar. He was arrested on Thursday under suspicion of selling drugs. The links between film industry professionals, musicians, and drug use has come under the CCB’s scanner after filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh approached the CCB with a list of 15 actors, musicians, and directors that allegedly consumed drugs. The search of Dwivedi’s apartment did not yield any drugs, and the actress has denied the allegations that she consumed drugs and hosted parties where drugs were taken at her residence.

Aside from the celebrities who were raided by the authorities, the drug scandal currently enveloping Bollywood and Sandalwood has also seen individuals not under the NCB’s scanner be tagged as drug users. Combative actor Kangana Ranaut, who has been attacking everyone she disagrees with during the course of Rajput’s death’s investigation, took to Twitter to call for drug tests of a seemingly random selection of Bollywood actors.

The NCB is doing their duty when raiding suspicious individuals; who knew peddling a moral panic was the duty of jaded actors and sensationalist news anchors?