Yashasvini Mathur

Between constantly getting lost in the thousands of newsletters she has subscribed to in her inbox, planning vacations she'll never go on, and eating every dessert in sight, Yashasvini likes to write about the intersection of technology and human relationships. That is, when she looks up from her book.

  • michelleobama What Indian Politicians Can Learn from Michelle Obama’s Powerful Memoir “Becoming”

    Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming is a lesson in empathy, endurance, and elegance. It’s an exposition of her doctrine, “When they go low, we go high.” While I’d pretty much recommend the book to anyone I know, the people who’ll most benefit from it are our politicians – Rahul Gandhi, Smriti Irani, and Arvind Kejriwal.

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  • whatsappfake-news What WhatsApp Gets Wrong About Its Fake News Campaign

    In the last two years, more than 30 deaths have been linked to fake WhatsApp forwards in India. After the government warned WhatsApp to "take accountability" for the unchecked spread of fake news, it set off to make amends. But are they enough?

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  • arreoffline Can Any of Us Afford to Live Offline?

    Going offline is not an option. The work culture today demands that you are available 24X7 – over the phone, on WhatsApp, and email. And even if it’s not work, can you walk into a conversation if you have nothing to say about that viral tweet from @wokeboyhimtoo.

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  • Can a Chatbot Replace a Therapist? Apparently, It Can

    I was adamant not to visit a therapist and then I stumbled upon a “mental health chatbot”. We are a generation that depends on apps for food, shelter, cabs, and sex. So why not therapy?

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