Uttara Krishnadas

Uttara Krishnadas is a Malyalee from Chennai who lived in Southeast Asia and London, before finding home in Bombay. She likes to sink her teeth into crime novels, black & white films and medium-rare meat. Her permanent muse is words which she usually uses to describe food.

  • InternationalYogaDay My Failed Tryst with Hipster Yoga

    There’s nothing ancient about yoga any longer. In fact, it has become so severely hipster that pursuing it puts you in danger of ordering a low-fat pumpkin latte at Starbucks while wearing organic yoga pants.

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  • ABeefHistoryofSchoolRecess A Beef History of School Recess

    Nandu’s beef stall opened in school, entering our lives like a temptress in a sleepy marriage. Our dabbas ranged from sambhar to paranthas, and Nandu was the glue that bound us.

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  • The Stranger in my Kitchen

    My Chinese roommate taught me that giving in to suspicious, alien flavours can prove to be a rewarding experience. And that friendships forged over fire stand the test of time.

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