Tanya Vasundharan

Tanya Vasundharan is a writer and editor from Kolkata. She writes for The Ladies Finger and spends a lot of time watching films and wondering whether she should translate her grandmother's cookbooks.

  • Tinder Swipe Right if You Like My Mutt!

    Why is everyone on Tinder suddenly so hell-bent on cuddling, caressing, or smooching animals? Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the bicep flexing.

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  • MyDaredevilDoppelgnger My Daredevil Doppelgänger

    The “brand new” SIM card I’d got in April last year, belonged to another woman before me. She also had almost the same name. And it turned out that she led a rather colourful – unhinged – life.

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  • TheDementedPursuitofHappinessDepression The Demented Pursuit of Happiness

    The happiness industry is booming. Miserable people worldwide ensure that Art of Living Happiness Programmes rake in billions, and self-help books fly off the shelves all year.

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  • MamataBanerjee The Hazy Future of Our Queen Bees

    Jayalalithaa's death signals the end of an historic era, where a small group of powerful women called the shots. Where will the next generation of women leaders emerge from?

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