Scribbling on the internetz since 2009 – co-created one of India's earliest satire publications, "News That Matters Not," and later got this "Quora Top Writer" label. Gets paid to work on building mobile games today, which, let's admit, is the ultimate dream. Calls herself a liberal prude.

  • How You Were Fooled Into Watching Sanju & Veere Di Wedding by Bollywood’s Hype Machine

    Both Sanju and Veere Di Wedding are excellent examples of bad films that were given a positive spin by Bollywood’s hype machinery. They’re a terrific demonstration of the industry’s business sense but a crushing dent to the economy of creativity and storytelling.

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  • food Where Does a Non-Foodie Go in a Food-Obsessed Culture?

    What is this food elitism that labels salad-eaters, vegetarians, and gluten-abandoners as perennially uncool? Is it because we can’t go Bourdain-like into the world and nonchalantly eat our way through it even as our digestive systems break down in front of us?

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  • WhatWomenWant Hey Mister, How Long is Your… Spine?

    It is nice to meet a man who plays the guitar, or reads Kafka, or travels the world. But that’s every other guy today. What is special, is to see a man who can get a male friend to back off, when he is making a woman uncomfortable. It’s nice to see a man with a spine.

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  • Bhabhiji What’s Up With India’s Bhabhi Fixation?

    Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai!, India’s current tele favourite, sings to a popular fad that has, for long, tantalised a large section of the Indian male audience – desi pop culture's favourite figure, the bhabhi. Our fixation with the bhabhi in entertainment, is only an extension of our secret fantasies.

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