The Faunlet

Genderqueer. Made a Faustian bargain exchanging a promising science career to be an itinerant bard. Occasionally wears clothes. Likes anything to do with human culture, pop or otherwise. Is actually a super-sentient hive mind in fleshbag disguise.

  • SacredGames What If Gaitonde’s Prophecy Turns True and Mumbai Gets Nuked

    Ever since Sacred Games’ terrifying cliffhanger, I’ve been trying to imagine what would happen if Mumbai did actually get nuked? Over 7,00,000 people will be dead within the first 24 hours of impact. A communications blackout, disrupted railway lines and roads will result in widespread panic and riots, leading to more deaths.

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  • prideoclock What Small-town Queer India Needs More than Sec 377 Repeal

    As a prepubescent gay boy I turned to the internet – this incredibly friendly safe space guaranteed that I didn’t need to rely on a physical support network. And queer Indians residing in small towns and villages need a similar access. The Section 377 verdict may not make a dent in their lives if they are cut off from liberal media and socio-political movements.

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  • Section377 “Take Me As I Am”: A Poetic Supreme Court Panel that Killed Section 377

    Section 377 is dead, eradicated by a five-justice Supreme Court panel in the most eloquent, empathetic, and sincere way possible. Justice Indu Malhotra said that “History owes an apology to the members of this community and their families.” What a great day to be alive and gay.

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  • deadpool2yukio Deadpool: The Pansexual Superhero of the Queer Universe

    Queerness and alternative sexualities are a routine part of the Deadpool 2 universe. I’m thrilled, because stories belong to all of us. We all desire identity and crave to see that identity reflected in the art we love. Enough with the heterosexual romance being rubbed in our faces, I say.

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  • Sridevi Ms Hawa Hawai: Shehzaadi of the Meek, the Freak, the Queer

    Sridevi’s cavalier reappropriation of filmy womanhood ensured the rise of the “other”, the outliers and the freaks that languish in prisons of self-expression. No wonder she was India’s queer icon.

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  • LessonsinBDSMfromBarbieGirl Lessons in BDSM from Barbie Girl

    At first pass, "Barbie Girl" is a song set in a plastic world. But scratch below the surface, and you can read its silent messages about BDSM.

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  • GrindrandMyTalesofTechnosexualLove Grindr and My Tales of Technosexual Love

    For technosexuals, the potential of digital, photoshopped lovers is more pleasurable than actual interaction with them. We send out dick pics minus faces so it doesn’t get personal.

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