Sonakshi is a writer based in Delhi. She likes to think about complex issues such as politics, gender, and who makes Asaram Bapu trend on Twitter every morning.

  • Dear Ramdev, How About a Sanskari Bra?

    Why stop at jeans? Paridhan must launch a range of electronic bras, which notify women on the “My Izzat” app, each time a strap is exposed. A tailor’s fervent request to Ramdev.

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  • Decoding One Indian Girl

    The shitpile of gender stereotypes is higher than Antilia and stinkier than Dharavi. I have a sneaking suspicion that Chetan Bhagat’s book will add to its height and fragrance.

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  • We Know What You’ll Do This Independence Day

    This I-day you will celebrate the freedom struggle with jingoistic movies and unbeatable offers on SMS. And you will feel deeply patriotic about it.

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  • Gone Gai

    A desi cow launches Operation Gauxit, a referendum to leave India. In a letter to Manohar Parrikar, she complains about her life and describes her ultimate dream, Burger jihad.

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