Shruti Sunderraman

Shruti Sunderraman writes about culture, music, and the human condition. She performs her songs for those who listen and spoken word for those who don't. Say hello at @sundermanbegins on Twitter.

  • parentalabuse Physical Violence and the Fault with Our Folks

    The women students of Banaras Hindu University have put up a spirited resistance against an administration that polices their timings and thinks nothing of physical violence. It is easy to resist a university, but what happens when our parents are the aggressors and abusers?

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  • FemaleTravellers 10 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a Solo Woman Traveller

    Discomfort. That’s all your experience is supposed to boil down to when you’re a solo woman traveller. No one asks a guy who is travelling on his own whether he felt uncomfortable on his solo trip.

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  • Sex and the Sanskari Gynaec

    As sex, and talking about sex, came out into the open over the last decade, did our gynaecologists miss the memo? Why do I end up with a neighbourhood mausi when I go for a diagnosis?

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  • We Found Friends in a Hopeless Place

    I’ve never had a single sour experience on Tinder. Contrary to the shallow connections that the app is known for, I’ve managed to hone relationships that are meaningful.

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