Shreya Ramakrishnan

Shreya believes that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. She is also still having difficulty accepting her status as a muggle.

  • How to Survive Your Dostana with a Chindi Friend

    We’ve all made the mistake of letting in that one stingy person into our group. This chindi friend can be identified by the fact that he seems eager to spend everyone else’s money except his own and has zero self-respect: the elaichi to your biryani, the bone in your bombil.

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  • friendshipmalefemalebollywoodhollywoodrelationshipmoviesreallife Kya Ek Ladka Aur Ek Ladki Kabhi IRL Dost Nahi Ho Sakte?

    Indian children are taught many cardinal lessons, like touching our grandparents’ feet and returning dabbas to mom in pristine condition. The prime one is that girls and boys can never be friends. As a girl with seven close male friends, I’m often the centre of curiosity and judgment.

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  • Why Can’t Indian Families Let Us Adult In Peace?

    When I turned 22, I believed that I would live away from home, revel in my financial independence, and travel across the world, no questions asked. However reality involves my grandparents implying I settle down while they are alive and my mother demanding to know the minutiae of my spendings.

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  • How To Survive a Long-Distance Relationship with Your Parents

    Nobody told me that moving out of the house would mean enduring a long-distance relationship with my extremely inquisitive parents. Mom calls me every day at 7.30 am to gossip about the neighbours. Dad, in a pretence at being fake-casual cool, pings to find out what am I up to after work.

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  • “No Onions Please, We’re Brahmins”: A Serving of Caste for Breakfast

    Despite being from a cosmopolitan family, I realised that every day, I was unwittingly consuming our caste on my plate. In the game of kitchen politics, caste is a far more deeply riven divide, than the differences between North and South Indian food.

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