Shail Desai

Shail Desai is a Mumbai-based journalist. He finds his kicks and his peace when in the mountains, and awaits the next excuse to get there.

  • AnilKumble Uncle Kumble vs the Brats in Blue

    Virat Kohli and his brat pack are exhibiting classic millennial behaviour. They don’t want to be chided for their behaviour, they don’t want to be told what to do.

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  • Riding to the Chapel, Gonna Get Married

    Frank and Monika Eggert celebrated their honeymoon by participating in the world’s toughest mountain biking race in Himachal Pradesh – and proved that love makes people go crazy.

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  • Bullet Baba and the Cursed Biker

    On a road trip to Rajasthan, when I heard Bullet Baba’s story, I sniggered. I probably shouldn’t have.

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  • HeenaSidhu Guns, Roses, and the Love Story of Heena Sidhu

    India’s ace pistol shooter Heena Sidhu has won silver at the Commonwealth Games, and standing strong by her side is a proud husband who doubles up as her coach.

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  • Under the Weight of the Dirty D Word

    Long before Narsingh Yadav, there was Monika Devi. The heartbreaking story of a weightlifter caught in a doping scandal hours before her flight to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.

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  • Between Beheadings and Bicycle Kicks

    Zohib Islam Amiri grew up in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and then had to flee to Pakistan. Amid all the dangers, football was the only constant.

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  • How I Met the Mummy

    Legend has it that the mummy in Himachal’s Giu has powers to keep visitors at bay so that he isn’t disturbed while meditating. I hitchhike across Spiti valley to find out.

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