Sehaj K Maini

Sehaj K. Maini is a young filmmaker and writer. The K in her name stands for Kaur. She likes movies, travelling and butter chicken. When she is not working, she is mostly going through an existential crisis.

  • netflixfilmschristmas Thanks for The Princess Switch, Netflix. But I’d Rather Watch Love Actually

    Holiday films are to me what Tom and Jerry is to children, so I was overjoyed when Netflix released two holiday season films last week – The Princess Switch and A Christmas Prince. They’re my gloomiest holiday binge ever.

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  • Happiness I am Depressed But my Partner is Happy. I Hate Him For It

    I’m in a relationship where my partner’s happiness is a constant reminder that they have something that I don’t. There are two ways this could go: Either I can feel inspired, and try to walk down the same path. Or I can start hating him for it.

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  • Depression I Slept with Depression…

    Sleeping with depression was the biggest mistake, and also the best decision of my life. I know he’s not in love with me. He’s just using me. I’m that crazy girl who keeps sleeping with the guy she’s in love with and then cries about it but then repeats the process again.

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