Sat Singh

Sat Singh is a Rohtak-based freelance writer and a member of, a pan-India network of grassroots reporters

  • DavinderBambiha The Cocky Pablo Escobars of Punjab

    Punjab’s Pablos gained notoriety in 2013, crashing onto the scene with a laundry list of crimes and a flamboyance that seems straight out of a Narcos episode. Their devil-may-care persona, coupled with legit street cred, earned them a following on Facebook.

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  • Haryana Two Deaf Lovers & a Caste System: A Story from Haryana

    Sushil Mahla and Neelam Rani are hearing- and speech-impaired, but are grateful for their disabilities. In Haryana, their relationship wouldn’t have transcended the fiercely defended boundaries of caste had they been “normal”.

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  • intercastemarriage What Will It Take for India to Stop Honour Killings?

    Inter-caste marriages in India are fraught with danger, as the high-profile honour killing of Premulla Pranay by his father-in-law in Telangana proves. Monika and Vikramjeet knew their inter-caste marriage would anger people, but they had no idea that they would have to be on the run for 12 years, escaping their murderous family.

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  • म्हारा भैंसा बेटे जैसा

    हरियाणा की एक अनोखी प्रेम कहानी: नरेंद्र सिंह पूनिया और उनका भैंसा शहंशाह।

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  • FemaleFoeticide The Fascinating Double Life of Haryana’s Pregnant Agents

    In the state with one of the worst sex ratios, the latest undercover agents come with one qualification: A pregnancy.

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  • Haryana The Desperate Housewives of Haryana

    Haryana’s sex ratio has a new casualty: Uneducated brides from Uttarakhand and Kerala who are transplanted into villages where they find no comfort or familiarity.

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