Samina Motlekar

Samina Motlekar is a Bombay based writer and filmmaker . Her areas of interest include gender, film, culture, books and the state of her country.

  • MeToo India’s #MeToo: Where Sexual Harassers Decide Their Own Punishment

    Why are India’s men silent on our #MeToo movement? It is as if men without women, especially daughters to protect, have no stake in this. Their silence speaks volumes: It tells us that women’s concerns are not important, that businesses can continue running with their band of mediocre boys.

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  • TanushreeDutta Why the World Needs More “Difficult Women” Like Tanushree Dutta

    Before we turn to Amitabh Bachchan to speak out against sexual harassment in Bollywood, we might want to tackle mindsets where we women actually have some influence. With the men in our lives. Let’s all lose our sense of humour when the jokes are on us. Let us be difficult women.

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  • sacredgames Lights, Camera, Gangsters: Growing Up With Mumbai’s Real Ganesh Gaitondes

    I grew up in the Byculla of ’80s and ’90s, in middle-class insularity on the fringes of the gangland. Yet, I do not recognise the boys of Sacred Games. And I knew them well. They came to collect donations for Navratri and Ganpati, and they didn’t use creative expletives like the L-word.

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  • WomenSafety The Cost of Creep-Proofing My Career

    As women, we learn to develop a kind of “minority report” attitude to men who enter our stratosphere, judging them for their future predatory potential before we allow ourselves to feel safe in their presence. How many missed opportunities are there to account for?

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  • They Made Me Muslim

    I cannot say I am proud to be Muslim because what pride is there in something that was thrust upon you. But I will say that I am no longer ashamed to be marked as Muslim.

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