B Saikumar

Sai is a failed theatre actor who finally found success on the corporate stage. But being a stickler for failure, he gave all that up and is currently a digital start-up entrepreneur, who wrestles with the twin demons of how to make money on the net and what to eat for lunch.

  • Manika Batra and the Smell of TT in the ’80s

    When you play a sport, any sport, especially one as unglamorous as TT, it requires a different life. It has to go from being a sport, or a few hours of freedom, into your whole raison d’etre.

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  • kazuoishiguro Cause Kazuo Ishiguro is Not a Noble Man

    I’ve never been to Japan but Nobelist Kazuo Ishiguro is perhaps its most engaging tourist guide: The man who narrates intolerable despair with an equally intolerable restraint.

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  • It’s Not About the Medal

    We send our contingent to the Olympics for honour. But what our athletes bring back home is glorious hope.

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