Saadia S Dhailey

Saadia S Dhailey is a writer-researcher based in Mumbai, who recently quit full-time journalism to explore stories on her own. When not in the Marvel universe, she’s busy playing an investigative historian or exploring remote trails across India as co-founder of Caribou Drift.

  • ramadan Ramzan or Ramadan? How Exactly Do You Say It?

    The “alien Arabisation” versus Hindustani-Sufiani-Persian-essence debate on the correct way for Indians to pronounce the name of the holy month of Ramadan (Ramzan?) can be put to rest. I tell you exactly how. And it’s very easy.

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  • I’m a Muslim and I Can Never Go “Boo!”

    I wear my religion on my sleeve – actually more like on my head in the form of a headscarf. And this happens to be a not-so-good time to be a practising Muslim.

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  • Meet the Badass in a Burkini

    It’s important that you look at this “other kind of hijabi wearer” and tell yourself that loose clothing and skin coverage is her elegant, sartorial choice.

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  • YoungestDonorinIndia-ArreReads The Boy Who Lived

    Prashant and Nisha Jain, parents of Maharashtra’s youngest paediatric cadaver organ donor, have become torchbearers of the cause. The gift of four lives is Darsh’s legacy.

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  • People of Poi Tanda vs the Grim Reaper

    In drought-hit Marathwada, where death looms large, other villages have surrendered. But a nondescript hamlet in Beed is winning the fight.

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