Rupha Ramani

When she isn't watching sports, Rupha Ramani is dreaming of getting back to playing some sport. Now a freelancer, she worked as a reporter, presenter, and producer in a news channel for seven years, and was a producer at Star Sports for over four years.

  • corigauff Turn Away from the World Cup. It’s Time to Watch Venus-Slayer Cori Gauff Play Tennis

    Watching Cori Gauff play at Wimbledon takes me back to the 15-year-old me who crammed for her exams, got tense before her assignments, but also took permission to skip classes just so she could catch a train to the neighbouring city to take part in a tennis tournament. I take one look at Gauff and I wish I was 15 again. I wish I played with sharper intent.

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  • rogerfederer Can Roger Federer Reclaim His Wimbledon Fortress?

    When you think of fortresses, you’d imagine them to be impenetrable. At the French Open, Nadal has been able to achieve that. You couldn’t say that with the same authority for Roger Federer and Wimbledon.

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  • India vs West Indies: Can the Men in Maroon Rise Above the T20 Conditioning?

    The rise of the West Indies as a T20 superpower has been detrimental for the other formats. They can play the big shots, but they cannot sustain for 50 overs. Their World Cup, and indeed all future successes, hinge on the team finding the fine balance between aggression and restraint.

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  • 1983cricketworldcupindia Why My Family Remembers the 1983 World Cup Victory More Fondly than Most

    I still remember what it was like on 25 June, 1983, the day India beat West Indies to win its maiden cricket World Cup, an odd thing to say about an event that occurred before one’s lifetime. But pieced together from anecdotes told over innumerable lunches, I know exactly how it all happened.

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  • What Will It Take for South Africa to Lift the World Cup Curse?

    When something is repeated over and over again, it starts gaining credence. Today, South Africa’s World Cup “curse” is something every youngster coming in with dreams in his eyes, just has to deal with and accept. Maybe it has even become a part of the country’s sporting psyche that cannot be shaken off, no matter what happens.

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  • Are Bangladesh the New “Cornered Tigers” of World Cricket?

    In their Nottingham fixture against Australia at the ongoing World Cup, Bangladesh lost the game, but won over even more hearts with their spirited display. Today, the Tigers have shed the minnow tag and enter the field as equals no matter who their opponents are.

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  • pakistancwc Why India-Pakistan Cricket Games Have Become a Yawn Fest

    We are witnessing the decline of a cricketing legacy. India versus Pakistan was the crucible in which superstars were forged. Javed Miandad’s last-ball six and Venkatesh Prasad knocking off Aamer Sohail’s off stump is the stuff of legends. Without the biting rivalry, cricket is poorer.

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  • cricketworldcup How Aging Legends Like Dhoni, Chris Gayle, Imran Tahir Make All the Difference in a World Cup

    Does largest stage in world cricket have place for an aging legend, or is the gentleman’s game the domain of young men at this elite level? The older players at the tournament keep fighting, for pride, for their dreams, and to prove the critics wrong.

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  • You’ve Seen the Men, But Who Are the Women of IPL?

    In a testosterone-filled environment, the women of IPL stand out – anchors, journalists, producers, the wives and girlfriends of players. Everyone fights a stereotype. We deflect low-key sexual harassment – flirtatious advances, late-night calls in your hotel room – to stay in the game.

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