Priyanjana Roy Das

Priyanjana spends most of her time watching cat videos and writing sugar-coated love letters to food. She has an unhealthy obsession with mismatched socks and pathetic jokes.

  • SanitaryNapkins Zero GST Has Made Sanitary Napkins Cheaper But Are They Safer?

    For most women who find it difficult to imagine their periods without sanitary pads, cost and features remain the top priority. The GST exemption too aims to serve this mentality. But we should be focusing on, is whether the pad you use for five days a month is harming your body.

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  • hannahnanette Nanette: Hannah Gadsby’s Angry Anti-Comedy is Perfect For the Age of #MeToo

    In Nanette, Hannah Gadsby offers up her anger and pain on a plate and refuses to lace it with laughter. She deconstructs the hypocrisy of a joke and the manipulation of comedy. But, most importantly, she disallows a comedy special to reduce her life to a punchline.

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  • assam Assam Lynching: How the Myth of Xupadhoras Killed Two Good Men

    Why did the villagers of Karbi Anglong identify Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath as child abductors? Maybe they didn’t look like others in the village, maybe Das’ dreadlocks fit their long-held image of a xupadhora, or maybe it was because they came from “far-off places”. Whatever their reasons, what it led to was a merciless mob lynching.

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  • Truly Madly Paddy

    “Loving you has not been easy.” A love letter to rice.

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  • KhaleesikaDabba Khaleesi ka Dabba

    Tiffin Khaleesis exist in every school. They are the inconspicuous students who become stars for a brief moment every day by virtue of their lunch boxes.

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  • Enemy of the Taste

    I detest brinjals. It’s slimy and does not have the courtesy to leave you with a respectable aftertaste.

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  • Lahe Lahe Land and the Art of Laziness

    People in Assam believe in lingering. We believe in slothful, listless days. Even months. Safe to say, years.

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