Priya Barve

Childhood meant the joys of home cooked food and Bombay’s multi-cultural treats. Two food-obsessed Bengalis, Saugato and Aniruddha, became friends in college and then marrying Aniruddha meant gastronomy would be a firm part of our lives with our cooking, travel, and bringing experiences from our travels back to our kitchen.

  • bandra An Ode to Bandra’s Bakeries

    I grew up in Mumbai’s most popular suburb and my favourite memories are linked to its old bakeries. On a homesick day, nothing but a chicken jungli sandwich from Candies will do.

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  • Mango The Great Mango Taste Test

    When I moved to Singapore, I discovered that people were unaware of the Alphonso and boasted about the Philippine and Thai varieties. I tasted all other Asian mangoes, but guess which one emerged as the winner?

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