Nandita Gupta

Nandita Gupta is a wanderer, roaming the earth for food and stories. She believes in growing edible plants and is saving up to visit Machu Pichu, the Moon, and Mars.

  • The Hanger Games

    What is “hanger” if not a primal urge? A debilitating mix of hunger and rage takes over those who experience this last vestige from the caveman.

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  • HowtoMakeFriendsandBuyFish How to Make Friends and Buy Fish

    I couldn’t tell a fresh fish from a stale one if it hit me in the face. I had no option but to teach myself how to buy fish. And the jetty was the perfect place to get started.

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  • NoMoreKhaoSw-Myanmar No More Khao Swè

    A cooking class in Myanmar is an occasion to understand Burmese cuisine beyond the hackneyed khao swè – and dwell on long-buried family memories.

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