Naimish Keswani

Naimish spends most of his time on the internet. He still believes that his Hogwarts acceptance letter will arrive one day.

  • RobinHoodArmy The Robin Hood Army: Meet India's Food Fighters

    On this Independence Day, 10,000 Robins and volunteers from the Robin Hood Army will be out in the streets giving out food to the needy. If you see them in their signature green tee, don't hesitate to help! #Mission1Million

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  • OneRupeeClinic Meet Mumbai's One-Rupee Baby

    On a seemingly normal day, Gudiya Shaikh took a local train to Kurla, but went into labour. The doctors at the One-rupee Clinic at Ghatkopar station came to her rescue. They helped her deliver a healthy baby girl, making her Mumbai's first "one-rupee baby".

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  • Meet Mumbai's Zero-Waste Uncle

    Like Afroz Shah, who has been spearheading Versova beach's clean-up drive, Kaustubh Tamhankar has been silently campaigning for a clean environment. His house in Thane has produced no garbage at all for the last 14 years. Meet the Zero-Waste Uncle.

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  • children The Lost Girl on the Train

    You’ve probably seen a child lost in a crowd or huddled up in a corner on a train. And you’ve probably left them to their destiny. Some people though, choose not to walk away.

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  • They Believe They Can Fly

    India’s Ultimate frisbee team is trying to compete at the World Ultimate and Guts Championship – but they need a little more than encouragement.

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  • The Last Brigade Call

    On June 11, two firemen will raise a toast in honour of their brave mentor, who would’ve turned 51, if not for a deadly blaze.

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