Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan is the author of five books, most recently Before, And Then After and Split. She is a full-time writer and novelist.

  • Thirties 30 is the New 50

    Here’s what it’s like to be thirty-five, from my point of view. No kids, but a flat that we run with admirable orderliness. Instead of doing tequila shots, we do juice detoxes.

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  • The Sexpert Checks In

    If sperm is poured into a vagina from a bottle could it result in a child? In a country that's largely silent on sex, our “home truth” columns say a lot.

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  • Until Marriage Do Us Part

    For a people big on weddings, the “no-frills, no-fuss” of live-in relationships takes some getting used to. We’d better. Living in sin is in.

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  • Loving and Letting Go of Alicia Florrick

    The Good Wife and the great partner came into my life at the same time. One got better with time, one worse.

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