Maya Palit

Maya Palit is a staff writer at The Ladies Finger and Grist Media based in Bangalore. She studied English literature and might go back to that someday, and is interested in films, photography and writing about blues music.

  • Alcoholism Raising My Alcoholic Mother

    Mama became an alcoholic before I was born and drank every evening through my childhood. Growing up around someone like that, you tend to become shrewd early on. You invent dry days at the snap of your fingers and dismiss suicide wishes as pointless drama.

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  • ClinicalDepression-WhatITalkAboutWhenITalkAboutLifting Depression, the Heaviest Weight I’ve Lifted Yet

    When bestselling author Krishna Udayasankar broke her arms, she was held aloft only by the thought of getting back to weightlifting – her life raft in fighting clinical depression.

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  • Can We Please Cancel No Shave November?

    It’s Movember, the time of year when people on social media begin rabbiting on about moustaches. The campaign’s money-raising bit, however, is completely lost on desi hipsters.

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