Mansi Shah

Usually found staring into a fridge. Tends to laugh manically at puns. Preys on dumb people. Mating call is a burp. Will bite if deprived of Diet Coke.

  • AVanityKittoPreventSexualHarassment A Kit to Prevent Sexual Harassment

    I often wish I had a vanity kit of accessories that could contain my womanliness and prevent any form of abuse and harassment from happening to me. What products would my kit have?

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  • ADIYGuidetoHipsterRestaurants A DIY Guide to Hipster Restaurants

    A few elements are essential to a hipster establishment. A penny-farthing on the wall, exposed brickwork and vents, and the words “deconstructed” and “single-origin” on the menu.

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  • TheCheatSheettoSellingaBollywoodSuperhitRaeesKaabil The Cheat Sheet to Selling a Superhit

    Maul an old hit song with random beats and if the lead actor is not blind, then make him wear kajal. This is a sure-shot formula to set the box office on fire.

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