Manjiri Indurkar

Manjiri Indurkar is a poet who hails from the small central Indian town of Jabalpur. She is one of the founders and editors of the literary magazine Antiserious.

  • lovebreakup “Almost Lovers”: The Ones Who Make Heartbreak Bearable

    When you decide not to turn back after a break-up, you must find yourself anchors so you sail smoothly. These almost lovers, these could-have-beens, matter to me the way love does. Without them, we would be lonelier than what imagination permits

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  • CatPersonNewYorkerSexualHarassmentConsentMeTooHarveyWeinsteinKristenRoupenian Cat Person and the Complexity of Consent

    At a drunken party, a guy I was chatting with told me he wanted to kiss me, and that I also wanted to kiss him, I just didn’t know it yet. This was the first time where I found myself questioning the idea of consent. Did I invite this guy? Because we were flirting, did I owe him a kiss?

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