Majid Maqbool

Majid Maqbool is a Srinagar-based journalist.

  • BurhanWaniKashmir The Curious Afterlife of Burhan Wani

    How did Burhan Wani morph into, in the words of Nawaz Sharif, a “young leader” and a symbol of the “Kashmiri Intifada”?

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  • These Scars Don’t Fade

    Kashmir’s longest ever curfew has ended. The pellet guns are silent, but the wounds are not easy to heal. Mir Suhail’s cartoons bear testimony to the scars of his homeland.

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  • Of Curfewed Nights and Censored News

    The media gag in Kashmir might have been lifted, but the Valley’s papers are still silent.

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  • The Many Tamanas of Kashmir

    In the raging battle after Burhan Wani’s death, Kashmir’s security forces have been lobbing tear-gas shells into hospitals. These safe havens are the conflict’s latest casualty.

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  • A Match Made in Kashmir

    A scuffle over cricket has snowballed into a national crisis at Srinagar’s NIT. A heart-warming tale of how a similar storm was quelled in 2009.

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