Madam Sanskari

Modern love stories and millennial observation, pop cultural commentary and patriarchy’s demolition; tea over coffee and all things left wing — these are a few of my favourite things. Writing under a pseudonym because I am not ready for the world, yet. Avatar credits unknown.

  • Why Indians Need to Stop Seeking Their Parents’ Approval

    One thing that I’ve found common between Indian millennials is that even though we’re dead sure about our choices, we’re still struggling to get our parents’ approvals on them. Because as parents, your generation has dedicated their whole life to their kids. Because as children, our parents’ validation for our choices has come to matter to us more than our own choices.

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  • Texting Beware! The Person in Your Phone Could Be a Textual Predator

    To reach a point of actual socialising via any dating app, requires large doses of that most annoying of modern-day pastimes – texting. It is never two people who match on these apps, it is their textual alter egos that do.

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