Lavanya Narayan

Lavanya is a wayward gender-bending writer and actor who deals with boozing, being culturally confused and hugging her cat and dog on a daily basis. If not for this, she would have been Meryl Streep's butt double.

  • MySlowSurrendertoAmma-RememberingJayalalithaa-Arr My Slow Surrender to Amma

    I was an outsider in Chennai. But as years passed, my indifference toward Jayalalithaa turned into admiration.

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  • DownWithFemale Down with Female

    Can we please stop using the word “female” as a term of abuse? Stop letting sexism get in the way of our swearing, especially when we already have such a colourful arsenal.

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  • TamBrahmNoThankYouMam Tam Brahm, No Thank You Ma’am

    My parents liberally use the phrase nalla Brahmana ponnu (well-behaved Tamil Brahmin girl) to describe me. But I knock back beers and I’m queer. So I don’t qualify.

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