Kavya J

When left by herself, Kavya likes to get lost in a good book. Knowing this, you'd expect her to be smart, but then she thinks Kolkata is in Karnataka and Bangalore is in West Bengal. You couldn't trust her with a map.

  • Why Indian Women Need to Tell More Lust Stories

    Erotica for women, by women, is only just coming of age, even though the earliest writings of female desire go back to 600 BC. The new novel, Kama: The Story of the Kama Sutra, hopes to change that.

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  • politics Why All of Us Need to Start Considering Politics As a Career Option

    We, the woke and the liberal, are politically and socially conscious, and have an opinion on everything – be it sexual harassment or the government’s bigotry. We are out on the streets, protesting against hate crime and the unlawful chopping of forests, but why does politics not feature as a career choice for most of us?

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  • IndianParents Dear Indian Parents, Your Kids are Not Your Retirement Plan

    The idea of children becoming their parents’ retirement plan, is seeded somewhere in the idea of parents being education sponsors of their children. Toxic codependency has become a habit we desperately need to kick.

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  • Spanish is Cool, Gujarati is Cooler

    Hindi and Gujarati are not as sexy as Spanish and French and it doesn’t help that regressive fringe outfits routinely turn language into a battleground. It almost makes you want to renounce this “cultural pride” bullshit. But if we look past the politics though, we might realise we stand to lose something critical.

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  • Petitions and Pettiness: The Kangana Ranaut Story

    Kangana Ranaut, who did not sign the petition to “Save Deepika” came in promising to be Bollywood’s Million Dollar Baby. She’s now left us with a re-enactment of Mean Girls.

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  • grief Grief in the Age of Social Media

    Modern grief, the kind that lives on the internet, is a whole world away from old-world grief, the kind you preserved inside of you. The modern take on grieving is to share and tweet about it.

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  • dating Does the Half-Plus-Seven Dating Rule Apply to Milind Soman?

    “The rule of seven” is the universal tenet in the dating world among couples with huge age differences. Milind Soman and his much younger girlfriend have left the woke Indian internet divided.

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  • SexualHarassmentForeverandEverAmen Sexual Harassment Forever and Ever, Amen

    In an instance of sexual harassment, especially at the workplace, it is ultimately the victim’s courage that decides the outcome of the case.

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  • Why Orlando Makes Me Want to Come Out

    The Pulse massacre has made me feel more alone than ever. It has made me angry, left me hurting, but also helped me make up my mind about coming out.

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