Karthik Venkatesh

After teaching history to high-school students for more than a decade and reading their answer scripts, Karthik decided that he'd prefer to write it instead. So he writes on history and also edits other people's writing.

  • IndiraGandhi Indira’s Assassination and the Tale of Two Childhoods

    For me, 1984 was just a detail, merely newsprint. The impersonal nature of the incident insulated me from the human aspect of the tragedy. That is, until the day decades later, the tragedy of 1984’s events came home to me.

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  • Six-TongueMurugunHindiPunjabiTamilmalayalamTulu Six-Tongue Murugun

    I have many mother languages. In my case, these words have an amazing power to arouse, to incite, to communicate – and equally, to confuse and obfuscate.

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  • My Father, The Jewel Thief

    The loose-wristed, silk scarf-wearing Dev Anand was a constant presence in my father’s life. He modelled himself after the man and constantly dropped lines from Jewel Thief.

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