Karima Khan

Karima is a writer and a standup comedian from Mumbai. Her blood tests have revealed that she's mostly made of shawarma. She enjoys back scratches and writing in third person because that's how you feel #official. Hit the girl up on Twitter @karimasanela.

  • Main Aur Meri EMI: Ek Choti Si Love Story

    As a twenty-something educated adult with a good track record of jobs and salary accounts, banks love me and I have come to make the most of that. I chose to live the best version of my life in EMIs – a lifestyle that has 14 per cent interest, but that’s ok.

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  • What No One Tells You About Losing Your Parents

    When you lose both your parents, the constant is the assurance from relatives that you will be fine and things will be brighter. They do get brighter. But what I miss most is that my parents would’ve loved seeing me live my life. If only I could’ve grown up sooner.

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  • mumbai A Petition to Declare Mumbai a Work-from-Home City

    Why do we put up with shitty office WiFi, harrowing commutes, and weird coworkers when modern technology allows us to conduct our business while being simultaneously hugged by our blankets? Working from home is Mumbai’s three-word answer to saving the environment – and our sanity.

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  • ramazantiffin My Name is Khan and I Don’t Fast! Can Non-Muslims Please Calm Down

    Each time I open my dabba at lunch hour during Ramzan, the non-Muslim people at work gasp and ask, “You aren’t fasting?” Food defines their understanding of Islam and anyone in violation of that tenet threatens their understanding of the entire faith.

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  • Biryani Ladies Never Get the Leg Piece

    As a child, what I hated most about hosting, was having to wait until I got to eat. At first, I thought we let the men eat first because they’re older than us. I realised the practice had everything to do with my gender when I had to serve delicious saalan to my much younger male cousin.

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