Kamayani Sharma

Kamayani Sharma writes on visual culture and teaches philosophy to undergraduates. She contributes regularly to artforum, The Caravan and ART India. In her spare time, she makes elaborate lists of things she would like to do in her spare time.

  • ModernLove Arranged Marriage, Tinder, & Why Manmarziyan is Completely Wrong About Modern Love in India

    For all of Manmarziyan’s feminist pretensions, its lead Rumi is a cipher, waiting for validation from the men in her life. Where are the fun, confused young women who end up by themselves and become stronger because of it? Where are the women who bid their orthodoxies goodbye and try to fly solo?

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  • liveinrelationships What Do I Call My Boyfriend in Hindi?

    The first language of many North Indians including myself, Hindustani, has no word for romantic bonds outside of matrimony. I use “um” and “er” liberally when referring to my boyfriend, when talking to relatives and neighbours. That’s because there’s no respectable word for “boyfriend” in the language.

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