Jackie Pinto

Jackie Pinto is a Bangalore-based lifestyle writer, a self-confessed carnivore, and an intrepid traveller. Her work has been featured in The Deccan Herald and The New Indian Express.

  • Bangalore Bangalore: The City of Rapist Lanes

    Jasmeen Patheja is unlikely to join the candlelight march to protest against the Bangalore mass molestation. She’d rather protest by hosting a tea and samosa session for strangers.

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  • A Toast to the Mughal Alchemist

    A shy woman from Uttar Pradesh is keeping alive the secrets of the nawabi kitchens from the 1700s.

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  • Eat, Eat, Repeat

    Overeating is as compelling an addiction as drugs or alcohol. A food addict confesses about her struggle to kick the habit.

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  • Class Act

    Spare the children the deadening routine of school. Sleep late, play hard, and study at home. The kids will be all right.

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