Ila ananya

Ila Ananya is a staff writer at The Ladies Finger.

  • TheAutowallahWhoTakesCancerforaRide-LabourDay-Arr The Autowallah Who Takes Cancer for a Ride

    On World Cancer Day, the story of an autowallah for the terminally ill who straddles the role of driver and counsellor with ease.

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  • BlackNightsMatter-AfricanCultureinIndia Black Nights Matter

    Tucked away in a corner of Bangalore, a cosmopolitan night club appears like a safe zone for Africans, but like the rest of India, even this is not.

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  • Inside the Minds of India’s Death Row Convicts

    Law professor Anup Surendranath started the Death Penalty Project to understand how prisoners are sentenced to death. His interviews with death row convicts might have changed him forever.

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  • Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen

    “What’s with all these men who have such a big problem with women’s pubic hair? Women, run away from such guys and the Brazilian.”

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  • TurmericLatteandOtherCulinaryCons Turmeric Latte and Other Culinary Cons

    The good old haldi doodh has transformed into turmeric latte and bhut jolokia goes by the name of ghost peppers. It’s a great time to sell some enthu cutlets to America.

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  • Into the Dark World of a Trafficked Girl

    Missing, a new role-playing game, attempts to raise awareness about trafficked girls. But can a game based on the reality of thousands of exploited women really create empathy?

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  • OfFoodFondnessandForgetting-Grandmother-Arre Of Food, Fondness, and Forgetting

    My grandmother often bursts into tears at her inability to cook any more. I want to tell her that it’s all the memories that go into making food, which make it taste better.

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  • How I Met My Mothers

    I believe adults owe their adopted children the truth. I found out about my biological mother after my father died, and that’s when the real drama began.

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  • Forgotten Children of the Kaveri

    Caught in the water wars over the Kaveri are the people of Kodagu, the birthplace of the river. Our lives revolve around it yet our voices go unheard, says author PT Bopanna.

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