Humaira Ansari

Humaira Ansari is an independent journalist and a certified Nihari-lover. Absolute obsessions include demystifying the Being Muslim conundrum in the times that we live in. When not reporting or writing, she is either reading, Netflixing or attending neighbourhood walks. If overthinking paid, she’d be a millionaire.

  • LoveLettersforSaleValentinesDay Love Letters for Sale

    In the age of left and right swipes and insta-love on a menu card, a handwritten love letter is an anomaly. But several young people are embracing the old-fashioned romantic note.

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  • LeaveHerClitAloneFemaleGenitalMutilation Leave Her Clit Alone

    The fight against female genital mutilation is led by mainly women, but for change to take place, men need to join the movement.

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