Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu can be found shouting obscenities at strangers on Twitter @RudeRidingRomeo or making amateur drawings on Instagram @anartism_. Has written for Forbes, Cracked, Little Black Book, What's Hot and Screen Rant. Pay me money for writing stuff for you here: himanshu.cracked@gmail.com

  • MeToo Angry Women and Indifferent Men: What India’s #MeToo Moment Says About Us

    Men have responded in a variety of ways to a wave of #MeToo allegations over the last few days, from going on the defensive to resorting to mansplaining. Even now, there’s an air of separating ourselves and the culture we are an active part of, from the vile men who actually go out and harass, molest, and rape.

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  • freelancewriter Hi, I’m a Writer and I Freelance For a Dying

    The freelancer has inspired a slew of #LifeGoals exhorting others to quit their job, follow their dreams, and travel the world. Yet, somehow, all this carpe diem spirit around the freelancer lifestyle doesn’t really address the real question: Who will pay your rent?

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  • professionalism Why Professionalism Needs to Die

    It’s time we write an obituary of professionalism. Today, professionalism involves showing up at office (even though you can do most of the work from anywhere else), not asking questions above your pay grade, and wearing a shirt not folded at the elbows.

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  • GameofThrones The Anatomy of a Game of Thrones Fan

    He knows more about the Red Keep than Maester Pycelle, and can tell you what to feed a growing dragon. The obsessive Game of Thrones fan is creeping out of hibernation as we speak.

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  • Sex An Obituary for Sex

    This is the end, beautiful friend. Regular sex is going out of fashion – and the future is full of teledildonics and Westworld-esque sex robots, designed to give you perfect pleasure.

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