Godot is in his late 20s and currently lives in Mumbai. When he’s not writing, travelling, eating or producing films, Godot likes to reminisce about the past, wants to alter the present and waits for the real Godot to arrive.

  • Porn What Has Taken the Pleasure Out of Porn?

    In my small UP city, anything related to sex was – is – taboo. Your parents never talked about it and films and TV showed flowers brushing against each other. Which is why procuring porn was an illicit pleasure. Today, pornography is ubiquitous, but the pleasure is all gone.

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  • YogiAdityanath Eid in the Time of Adityanath

    My hometown Allahabad was a city of education and open political debates. Now it is overrun by saffron-gamcha-wearing bikers, where to live as a Muslim is to live in subterfuge.

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  • trainjourney Nostalgia Express: When Train Journeys Were About VIP Suitcases & North-South Debates

    Every summer vacation, we’d take the train; the journey would be a lesson in national integration. By the end of the journey, everyone knew everyone’s political leanings; debates would break out on whether Azhar was better than Sachin; or if the south was culturally richer than the north.

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  • ramzan An “Immoral” Muslim’s Guide to Faking Roza

    I’m a non-believing Muslim and people like me have become part of a subculture, where secrets are guarded with greater ferocity than the Illuminati. We bunk namaaz, and during Ramzan we fake-fast: the first major acts of rebellion for Muslim teens.

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