Fizza A. Rabbani

Fizza is a freelance content writer based in Karachi, Pakistan. She coaches wild animals, cuddles her husband and everything that comes between the two.

  • First-World Marriage Problems: My Life with an Overcaring Husband

    In the two years since our wedding day, my husband has maintained his role as my counsellor, chef, doctor, philosopher, guide and storyteller. But before you serenade me with all your “awws”, I have to admit, this tendency to be more parent and less of a partner is a bit of a problem.

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  • NosyAunt The Not-So-Subtle Art of Meddling: A Guide from Your Nosy Aunty

    Your mean aunt or nasty neighbour suffer from a dreaded condition. It is called Phuppoism. It is characterised by an ability to constantly find yourself in a place where you have no business to be – such as the lives of others.

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  • eid Eat, Pray, Repeat: The Monotony of Eid

    Every Eid begins with Amma waking you up early to help her in the kitchen. Abba refuses to give you Eidi as you are an “independent adult”. The rest of the day is spent watching Eid transmissions on TV and eating mutton pilaf, instead of the chicken biryani you asked Amma to prepare.

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  • bikini Why Read a Book When Instagramming It Will Do the Job for You?

    While my Amma tried to get me to love reading, I developed a passion for being seen with books. On Instagram, I found such people in hordes, posing with coffee mugs, colourful markers, blank notepads, and expensive gadgets with captions like, “A book is to heart what poop is to pee.”

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