Devrupa Rakshit

Devrupa is a corporate lawyer in her 20s busy being blinded by Bombay's citylights. An undercover Jedi Padawan, she is enthusiastic about all things fish and fishy.

  • womenapologise Sorry Seems to Be the Easiest Word: Why Women Apologise So Much

    My daily tally of apologies is likely greater than the number of shimmies in a Katrina Kaif item number. Most of the women I know also dwell in this state of constant apology. Why is “sorry” such an embedded part of women’s vocabulary?

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  • ladiesnight Are Ladies’ Nights Really Sexist?

    Can you be a feminist and support ladies’ nights? Of course, women shouldn’t get free liquor for just wearing make-up and high heels. But the other side of the argument is that women tend to make less money than men, so surely they’ve earned a few free drinks.

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  • A Tale of Two Cities, Bold Bom-bae and Eerie Dilli

    Bubbles and Buttercup are besties – but one lives in the city of freedom, Bombay, and the other in the self-imposed cage of Gurgaon. What does privilege mean to the two?

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  • GenderStereotypes How to Spot a Faux Feminist

    The highly educated, the upper-middle-class millennial... no one is free from stereotyping gender. Best described as faux feminists, they are concentrated mostly in the metros. You’ll hear them say something completely “harmless”, for instance, “Girls LOVE shopping!” or “ Women CAN’T drive.”

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