Demon Doctor

  • doctor Delhi Belly: What Happens When Demon Doctor Gets Diarrhoea?

    A few months ago, Suresh Narayan was operating in a government-hospital OT with a defunct AC. Now he’s bagged a job at a super-speciality hospital. The pay is better, the floors are cleaner but access to the washroom is restricted. What happens when he gets the runs?

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  • doctor From Gormint Aspatal to Private Ki Naukri: The Adventures of Demon Doctor

    Two months ago, the young doctor was catching whatever little sleep he could on the floor of a hospital supply room (it was cleaner than the beds). Now he has a peon, with his own extension number. Life has turned a corner, and medical representatives are trying to bribe him with pens.

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  • How Doctors Become Demons

    Suresh Narayan is your ordinary orthopaedic surgeon in a government hospital. He has not slept for days. And he is ready to operate on you – with a vengeance.

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