Deborah Grey

Deborah Grey is a sickular, libtard, presstitute. She also likes Satan and drinks wine!

  • DomesticResponsibilities My Bai, My Bae

    Lalita isn’t my bai; she is my bae. Women like Lalita empower privileged women like us by taking over domestic responsibilities and cutting out all the scutwork we should be doing.

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  • “Christian Log Daaru Pee Ke Danga Karta Hai”

    I’m Christian, a journalist, and live with two cats. Which in landlord-speak means I’m a short-skirt-wearing alcoholic with many boyfriends.

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  • Khasmanu-kha! Cuss Like a Punjabi

    I find Punjabi gaalis to be as satisfying as cheating on my strict vegan diet with a generous helping of mac and cheese.

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  • GameofThrones Bad Sansa to Rule Them All

    It looks like the showrunners of Game of Thrones are investing a lot of time and energy into making Sansa Stark badass, and they don’t do that without good reason.

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  • Baywatch Maine Sex Dekha: My Baywatch Diary

    Baywatch, the TV series, set something in motion back in the ’90s. It made desi millennials like me increasingly comfortable with visible cleavage and exposed midriffs.

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  • The Great Indian Sex-Ed Scam

    In school we were shown a mandatory “feminine hygiene” video that was delightfully ambiguous. Sex education in this country remains humbug and now the government won't even allow youngsters to learn about condoms.

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