Charmi Trevadia

Charmi is a woman of words, but occasionally ends up flirting with numbers. She creates alternate realities to live and work in every day in Mumbai. She is a firm believer in the healing powers of love, music, and sugar.

  • Instagrampoets I’m an Insta Poet and I Hate Punctuation

    No commas, no full stops, just 12 words mashed together. And rhyme schemes? Oh they are for the oldies and The Beatles. Us Instagram poets? We’re innovating with new ways to not tax our syntax – or indeed, our brains.

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  • CandyCrush Help! My Mother is a Candy Crush Addict

    If you thought that all mothers are a picture of humility, grace, and unconditional love, you are wrong. Mine is a raging, swearing, warm-your-own-food kind of obsessive gamer. Currently, she’s leading her friends on stage 2,510 of Candy Crush Saga.

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  • gynecologist “Divorced? Why Do You Need a Condom?” How to Find a Non-Judgmental Gynaec

    After my divorce, a trip to any gynaecologist routinely involved invasive psychoanalysis of my answers to their queries about the separation and my means of coping. Seeking a non-judgmental gynaec seemed like an exercise in proving that unicorns walk the earth.

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  • coffee Arré Checklist: What Your Potential Spouse’s Coffee Says About Them

    Gone are the days when two young people, whose marriage was arranged, sized each other up over samosas and garma garam chai. Now you’re expected to suss out a partner over a coffee-shop date. Can you read the clues your potential spouse is giving out with their choice of coffee?

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  • Di The 10 Commandments for the Divorced Indian Woman

    In India, a divorced woman is a ghost. She doesn’t exist in the popular narrative. What, then, are the rules of engagement? Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the 10 Commandments for the Divorced Indian Woman.

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