Bapu Deedwania

Bapu Deedwania, a former journalist, is busy substituting chaos within, with order outside. She is usually defending how cleanliness is not the same as OCD, how not to seek relationship advise from her, and when not sleeping she is busy smoking. An Osho fan, she takes joy in seeing the world via her own prism.

  • Arré Checklist: All Our Gandhis, Ranked!

    There’s too many Mahatmas in pop culture, and it’s time to rank the best of them. From Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi to Lage Raho Munna Bhai, no Bapu is safe from this exhaustive test! (Plus: Surprise entry!)

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  • Gandhi A Modern-Day Guide to Gandhigiri

    How can one fit the Gandhian model to the average Indian millennial? Maybe the next time your Uber driver makes the wrong turn, think before you shout at his human fallibility.

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