Aryan Malhotra

Aryan Malhotra likes watching Mohabbatein while it rains hard so that no one can hear his heart going dhak dhak

  • collegedrugdealer Breaking Bad in College: When I “Interned” With a Weed Dealer

    While my classmates were starting out as interns, I was learning how to run a business through a very different kind of on-the-job training. My college drug dealer gave me an education most people pay good money to business schools to learn.

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  • racism Confessions of a Recovering “Racist”

    I occupy super-woke circles and work in a liberal office where I get periodic reminders to check my privilege. But years of higher education have not been able to entirely erase the prejudices and biases over fair and dark skin that I grew up with.

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  • DrugAddicts Crime and Punishment for the Stoner Soul

    I’m always marked out by the cops as a prime suspect on their “drug-addict eradication mission,” because I weigh a grand total of little more than my backpack, and my hair defies Newtonian laws of gravity.

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  • What is Love? The Right Person or the Right Time?

    Is love even a person or is it just a time in life? The specificity of the timing of our great loves is the most definitive metric of whether it works long-term or not.

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