Anurag Bakhshi

After spending almost a decade and a half in the media & entertainment Industry, Anurag decided to withdraw gracefully from the rat race, and enter the world of words by becoming a full-time writer. He now writes a short story a day on his blog,

  • delhibuses “Staff Hai!” The Fast and the Furious: Dilli Se Hoon Behn**** Edition

    The introduction of private buses in Delhi in the early ’90s introduced a new phrase in our lexicon – “staff hai”. This elegant form of goondagiri ensured that you didn’t buy a ticket for a ride. To my eternal shame and regret, the kids in my school could never pull it off – until a gutsy senior took matters into his own hands.

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  • delhi How Delhi Power Cuts Shaped Our Childhoods

    Anyone who has lived in Delhi of the 1980s and ’90s, will remember the legendary load-shedding power cut that used to be a way of life – and how it characterised our adolescent days. Power cuts were to Delhi what traffic was to Mumbai.

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