• Hey Indian Men, Let’s Talk About Enthusiastic Consent

    Over the last weekend, a number of men who spoke the right language, were equipped with the right vocabulary to express the right kind of views on liberal issues were named as sexual harassers. None of these progressive men seemed to know about the concept of enthusiastic consent.

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  • Woke Liberal Indians, Remember to Thank Your “Non-Woke” Parents For Your Broadmindedness

    Growing up, my highly educated, intelligent parents, who ran a double-income household even before Cosmopolitan said it was in, were an inspiration. They taught me to question everything, which worked out great... until I started questioning them.

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  • How I Saw the World on a Cocaine Trip (and Why I Stopped)

    They say cocaine is the rich person’s drug. Every decision, every thought, can be justified after a couple of lines. Even though it’s no hallucinogen, it allows you to live in a mirage for a few hours. There’s us, the coke users, happy, rich, successful – and then there’s them, the regulars, poor, lazy, and unworthy.

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  • Daaru Arré Checklist: What Your Daaru Says About You

    Whether you choose to drown your sorrows in a trusty Old Monk or indulge yourself in a bubbly Sangria, your choice of drink reveals important aspects about your personality like taste, likability and of course, aukaat.

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