Amrita Paul

Amrita loves milkshakes, feminism and all things bookish. If she is not writing, reading or obsessing over Trevor Noah's dimples, she's probably trying to brush up on her eyeliner skills.

  • Why Do Men Spread Their Legs and Women Cross Theirs?

    In India, years of conditioning demand women to be submissive and almost invisible in public, while boys are rarely made conscious of their bodies. As a result, young boys grow up to become adults who don’t think twice before taking up extra space even at the cost of someone else’s inconvenience.

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  • sanitarynapkins Blood on the Bathroom Floor

    Dear advertisers of sanitary napkins, you’ve convinced an entire generation that “ultra-thin pads” can help us conquer the world in tight white pants. But some of us leak through the widest and longest pads, and bleed like a fountain.

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  • Consent My Knotty Relationship with Alcohol and Consent

    It took more than one confused, hung-over morning for me to understand that alcohol could be used to manufacture consent during sex – and that I didn’t have the language to say no.

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  • LovingMyLoveHandlesLikeLenaDunham-Girls Loving My Love Handles Like Lena Dunham

    Lena Dunham empowered her actors to act through their bodies. In the six years that I’ve followed Girls, it has made me not cringe at my own nudity.

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