Ambarish Ray

From selling cigarettes and Y2K software to teaching undergrad and grad students about brand planning and advertising, Ambarish has done possibly everything a migrant Bong could do in Bombay. Except get off his ass and publish his book. Which he finally did. Bastard Hearts, his first "flawed as fuck" love story, is half autobiographical, but he will be damned if he knows which half.

  • riptompetty You Don’t Know How It Feels Without Tom Petty

    Tom Petty’s songs were words soaked in kerosene and set alight, aimed straight at the heart of cynicism – yet somehow missing it. Close enough to singe but not quite burn the place that says “try again”.

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  • A New Dictionary for a New World

    On the birthday of Samuel Johnson, the father of the modern dictionary, we’re voting for a set of new words to be included in the lexicon. Come now, don’t be bellygerent or you might get a serious veterant.

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  • EveryNobelNeedsBobDylan Every Nobel Needs a Dylan

    The Nobel might be as relevant today as the red letterbox or the pay phone. By recognising Bob Dylan’s poetic expressions, the prize has reinvented and reinvigorated itself.

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  • The Man in My Mirror

    The early ’90s for me was a period of deep turmoil and inner searching. MJ’s songs, MJ’s moves, and MJ’s mistakes made me look deeper than the obvious.

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  • The Call of the Mockingbird

    Almost six decades after it was first published, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird reminds us that of all the segregations possible of the human species, the one based on race, colour, and religion is the most prevalent. And the deadliest.

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  • Clay vs Ali

    The devotee and the deity are joined by a feeling of smallness felt by the former in the latter’s presence. Muhammad Ali, however, made his disciples feel larger and stronger.

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  • Living in a Dhokla Democracy

    As the Modi government completes two years in office, the aam aadmi finds himself caught between the Politics of Slander, the Politics of Pander and the Politics of Pure Anger.

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  • Purple Pain

    The Artist Formerly Known As Prince was more than a musician. For a gawky, lisping, introverted Bengali from 1990s’ Kolkata, he was a rite of passage.

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  • It’s All About Loving Your Mata

    Meet the proud offspring of Bharat Mata. Remember these names and avoid them at all costs.

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