Amal Singh

Amal is a screenwriter, bookworm, and a cinephile constantly in search of meaning in life and failing. He drowns his worries in copious amounts of tea. He tweets at @jerun_onto.

  • disabilitybollywood What Bollywood Always Gets Wrong About the Differently Abled

    Why can’t Bollywood filmmakers seem to give disabled protagonists challenges other than overcoming their disability? It isn’t as if we don’t have precedents. In films like Sparsh and Jagga Jasoos, the leads’ afflictions don’t dominate their characters.

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  • tamasha Life Toh Badi Sad Hai: How Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha Prepares You for Failure

    Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha flipped the idea of doing what you love and following your heart, on its head. It showed me the terms and conditions attached to chasing my dreams – and laid bare the frustrations and failures that accompany trying to make your mark in the world.

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  • AStarIsBorn What A Star is Born Gets Right About Toxic Masculinity

    Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut starring Lady Gaga is a modern-day update on an old story. Unlike past iterations that glorify toxic behaviours, this version, in the age of #MeToo, makes all the politically correct statements.

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  • HitchHikersGuideToTheGalaxy The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Understanding India’s Aam Aadmi

    Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is just as relevant today as it was 40 years ago. Britain in the ’70s, much like India today, was a bureaucratic nightmare – Vogons are the literal personification of that. And Arthur Dent? Well, he is an Aam Aadmi caught in the crossfire, just trying to make sense of the world.

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