Alisha Sachdev

Culture vulture, too busy contemplating life to take any remedial action. Awesome going bleak, bleak going awesome. Literature grad with a journalism degree. (Howzzat!)

  • InstagramStories How Instagram Stories Dictate the New Rules of Love

    Adding grief to the ambiguity of new-age dating rituals are Instagram Stories. Yep, that beautifully annoying way of keeping up with someone’s life, without really going through the motions of actually keeping up. It’s ironic how an invention so perfect for the low millennial attention span is also the cause of our sleepless nights.

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  • What Watching Black Mirror with My Boyfriend Taught Me About Love

    I wondered if watching Black Mirror with my boyfriend was creating a real trust deficit between the two of us. There’s honestly just too much relating with the characters. They are us and we are them in so many ways.

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