The Curious Gawker

The curious gawker is an Indian by birth who's set up roots in Pennsylvania, USA. He eats, drinks, travels and shambles around with the native populace who after a long trial period of eighteen years, has finally accepted him as one of their own. In his spare time he writes software and provides historically inaccurate tours of Philadelphia.

  • AmericanImmigrants Making the American Immigrant at Home Again

    New Jersey got its first Sikh mayor exactly one year after Donald Trump was elected to office. Americans have rejected racism and intolerance and accepted immigrants into their hearts. They’ve Made America Home Again.

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  • HinduforHillary-USPresidentialElection2016-Arr Hindu for Hillary

    While my Hindu brothers and sisters were raising money for Trump, I panicked and signed up as a volunteer for the Hillary campaign.

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  • MakingAmericaFretAgain Making America Fret Again

    The second presidential debate was vitriolic and vicious. The biggest losers were all of us watching.

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  • Happy Birthday, Barack Obama. Onward and Upward!

    Thank you for the lightness. In India, it is novel to be able to poke fun at a public figure without having to shut down your Facebook account and move to a less hostile planet.

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  • USA The Green-Card Holder’s Guide to Americana

    After 12 long years I finally got my US green card. So I decided to spend some time with the accompanying booklet. Here’s what we spoke about:

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  • The Great American Smackdown: Part 2

    Now that the dust from altercations over Donald Trump’s hands and Marco Rubio’s sweat glands has finally settled, it is time to scrutinise the gentlemen of the GOP.

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  • The Great American Smackdown: Part 1

    If you’ve been living under a rock and don't know the difference between Bernie bros and Hillary bots, here’s a closer look at the candidates fighting it out in the Democrats ring.

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  • From Apu to Alex Parrish

    Desi characters on American TV are as sparingly used as truffles on pasta, with a sprinkling of every cliché in the book. And it’s one humongous stereotypalooza.

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